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Colorin - The coloring game

Sviluppatore Hopper Games

>> What color is cola... red or brown? Colorin - The colouring in game
- If you love logo games and you love adult coloring books, this is the free game for you.- An adult coloring book, and a game, where you color in your favourite logos, objects and characters for free.- Its a game, a quiz, and a coloring pages book for adults and kids all in one. - Can you Guess the color in hundreds of familiar logos and brands?- Take time out to color over 400 logos, objects, food, animals and cartoon characters.- Colorfy your way to the top!
Relax and color in.
> Look at the drawing of the logo, object, or character, choose a color, and tap to color in.> Win stars for all correct colors used> Try with one color, then use the color switch to try a different one> Complete drawings with all of the correct colors to win 3 stars
Addictive and fun!
> Is it a logo quiz or is it a coloring game?> Its both! Coloring in logos is addictive and fun, coloring books are relaxing and fun. Its double the fun!
All illustrations drawn by David Lambert, Commissioned by Poptacular.